Birthday Wishes

Deliverance for Everyone!

No more stress about the tour!

Everybody gets in!


In honor of John’s 47th birthday, April 8th, 2018, starting immediately, we are going to implement an entirely new program so that no one ever feels left out again because they are not able to register, sign up for, or attend one of John’s events.

If you have tickets already, congratulations! Those most definitely will be honored.

What we want to address now is all those who are feeling left out.

The reality is that we have people getting healed at events long before they have a private session. Coming to an event is enough. If you have healing issues, the Master Angels and God will be present at all events.

We are now opening up every event for anyone who has the desire to be healed or be in the presence of John and the Master Angels.

The focus now will be on group healings, and not on individual sessions with John, although those may occur, depending on how Nature allows the event to unfold.

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