Workshops With Master John Douglas

Event Descriptions

Event Types “A”, “B”, “C”: Open to Everyone

Event Types “D”, “E”: For Elite Graduates Only

The Church of the Master Angels sponsors healing workshops and events with Master John Douglas throughout the United States several times a year.

We are happy to announce that there are now five different types of events to accommodate the needs of our continually growing numbers of new and returning workshop participants. Each event is a life-changing experience, and each is targeted in a specific way to the particular needs of the participants.

Before choosing your event (s), take a moment to review the five types of events that are currently being offered. Many are open to all, some have prerequisites. A few are only for graduates of the Elite Development Courses offered every summer at our Crystal Chapel of the Master Angels in Boone, North Carolina.

The Five Golden Events

“A” Events | Grand Master Event

Who Can Attend the A Events

All are welcome to attend these unique and highly advanced events, regardless of previous history of attendance at CMA events. For some, this will be their first introduction to John and his events but it should be noted that although all are welcome to attend this event, the event is intended for the serious spiritual aspirant. The four-hour event includes new knowledge and discoveries John has found, as well as cutting edge secrets for staying healthy and physically aligned for maximum spiritual development regardless of your prior or current spiritual practices. John will perform a series of dramatic advanced group healings. These life-changing transformative Angelic Reformation healings will take place in a large group setting and will be custom-tailored to the needs of every person present, without the need for private individual healing sessions.

The testimonials from individuals attending these large events in this new format have been dramatically positive with unprecedented results for all who were present. This workshop is considered a pre-Elite Development Course event and is also recommended for those wishing to have a “Taste of Elite” and who plan to apply for the Elite Development Courses in the future. Elite graduates are also strongly encouraged to attend these Grand “A” Events.

Registration for these events are usually unlimited and only restricted by the size of the respective venue.

TeleConferencing into the event may be allowed for certain “A” Events but should not be assumed for all “A” Events. Check actual event sign up descriptions for specific event details. In person participation is highly recommended and considered to be the most beneficial.

Note that start and end times of the Grand “A” Events and almost all events are always approximate.

“B” Events | Personal Session Workshops

Who can Attend the B Events

The “B” Event workshops are for all new attendees and for those who are not yet Elite graduates and haven’t been to many events and seen John personally. The Workshop is designed to give a new level of awareness and perspective into the realities of one’s energetic structures and how they affect health and well-being. Powerful healings on multiple levels of mind, body, and spirit will be transmitted throughout the event, culminating in an extra powerful group healing at the end. After the workshop there will be an opportunity for registered participants to meet individually with Master John for a 5 minute personal session.

There will be no “remote” proxy attendance allowed at the “B” Events. All attendees must be at the event in person for their personal sessions with John. No attendees will be allowed to stand in for someone who is not at the event or cannot stay for a personal session. Children over 12 who are able to sit quietly for the duration of the workshop are welcome to attend with a ticket.  For younger children, we suggest the Silent Faith Remote option. For more information on remote healing opportunities, please see the Silent Faith Remote description linked here:

Your healing with John and the Master Angels begins when you arrive at the workshop. Upon check-in for a “B” Event, you will choose a piece of paper with a random number. Use the lined space on this paper to write one question or issue you would like addressed. This will help you focus your attention during the workshop regarding your particular concern.

Note that start and end times of the workshops are approximate. Please allow plenty of time for the workshop to run over, and if you plan to see John individually at the end, allow extra time for that as well.

After the workshop, for those who would like to and can comfortably stay there is often an opportunity for participants to ask John one question. The random number on the paper you drew will place you in the queue for your five minutes with John. Please honor the number you have drawn and be respectful of the fact that everyone coming to the workshop may have a health challenge. We don’t want to be in the position of having to choose whether yours or someone else’s warrants a special consideration.

If you cannot comfortably stay and wait your turn, you may leave your paper with a staff member, and John will address it remotely later on. Though you will not receive feedback, John says the Masters often give more to those who have faith in the remote healing process. Essentially your personal session with John gets upgraded to a Silent Faith Remote.

TeleConferencing will be available for the presentation and group healings at these events. TeleConference participants will receive the group healings, but will not receive a personal session with John.

Elite graduates are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend “B” Events without a 5-minute session, as long as space is available at the venue. Elites will need to use the special registration links posted on the Elites-only page of this site.

Registration will be limited depending upon capacity of event venue.


“C” Events | Open Forum Workshop (with Q&A)

Who can attend the C Events

Everyone is welcome to attend the C events. These will be larger workshops that will include advanced knowledge and blessings focused on deepening spiritual development. There will be no personal sessions, but there will be individual healings as Master John fields questions from the audience and works with people, their issued and their questions in an open forum-style manner.

Note that start and end times of the workshops are approximate.

TeleConferencing will be available for these events.

Elite graduates are encouraged to attend for learning purposes. Elite graduates may register for a special price using the “Elites only” page of this site. Registration be limited by room capacity.

“D” Events | Elites Only Personal Sessions

Who can Attend the “D” Events

The “D” events are for Elite graduates only and will include a short talk by Master John, after which each attendee will have a personal one-on-one session with Master John.

Registration will be limited, and Elites will be allowed only one “D” event per tour.

There will be no remote sessions available for the “D” Events.

Note that start and end times of the workshops are approximate.

“E” Events | Elite Refresher Events

Who can Attend the “E” Events

The “E” Events are for Elite graduates only. These special advanced workshops are a continuation of Elite Development Training that the graduate received during a summer Elite Training Course. They are the most powerful events John offers, and all Elite graduates are strongly encouraged to attend. Attendance at more than one “E” event per tour is allowed and encouraged.

TeleConferencing will be available for these events.

Registration will not be limited, except as room capacity requires.

Additional Event Policies & Stipulations

Attending Multiple Events

If you are attending more than one “B” Event in any particular city, you will be able to see John for the five-minute individual session at only one event per city.

Children at B Event Workshops

Children over 12 who are able to sit quietly for the duration of the workshop are welcome to attend. For younger children, we suggest the Silent Faith Remote option.

Workshop Registration Changes

Before registering for an event, please be sure your dates are correct. It is not possible to switch from one event to another due to availability of space. The “no refunds of donation” policy as stated on the website, will have to be strictly observed.

Workshop Donation and Refund Policy

Workshop pre-registration is recommended as limits on enrollment will again have to be strictly observed. Payment after 24 hours prior to an event on-line, or at the door will be an extra $50 donation.

If a participant needs to cancel a registration, there can be no refunding of the initial donation.
Donations: CMA, International Foundation, DBA: The Church of the Master Angels are a registered charity and a not for profit organization and, as such, donations to the Church, or some part there of, may be tax deductible. Please check with your personal tax consultant since the Church organization is not a tax advisor and does not give tax advice.