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Love of God’s Love Workshop Video Stream
After purchase, the stream will be available until Friday, March 30th, 2018


During this groundbreaking event in Santa Fe on February 10th, 2018, Master John Douglas distributed some of the highest blessings ever given at a workshop. He explained that at some point in our many incarnations, we reach a nirvana moment where no further progress can be made until we love God’s love. He proceeded to create this effect in everyone who was in the room and on the live teleconference of the event. Within minutes, world consciousness shifted and changed for the better, and the Elite graduates in the room were able to scan the truth of that impact.

Master John has directed us to share this amazing experience with the rest of the world. For the first time, we have a full workshop available for viewing. It will be available to see and receive blessings from until March 30th. This is a way to taste the effects of angelic reformation and propel us forward in our growth and transformation. When used in conjunction with the angelic processes, the shifts in consciousness and personal development are tremendous.

Upon purchasing this item, you will receive a link to watch the video. Rather than schedule the video to be available during a specific time, as would normally happen with live teleconferences, we are giving open access to this experience for the next two weeks. Please let us know about your impressions and effects from this transformation.