DC Introduction and Knowledge “B” Event Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 1:00 PM


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Online registration for this event closes at 1 PM EST Saturday, November 23. Registrations at the door may be accepted if space is still available in the room.


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Date: Sunday, November 24, 2019
Group Healing: 1:00 P.M. until completion
Le Méridien by Marriott
1121 19th Street North
Arlington, Virginia, 22209

Attendance at this event does not guarantee a personal session with Master John.

Elite graduates register here


“B” events are for all new attendees, those who are not yet Elite graduates, and those who haven’t seen John personally yet. These events are designed to give a new level of awareness and perspective into the realities of one’s energetic structures and how they affect health and well-being. The angels transmit powerful healings on multiple levels of mind, body, and spirit throughout the events, culminating in extra powerful group healings at the end.

Attendees fill out a Silent Faith Remote Healing request upon registering for events. Healing starts the moment that someone signs up for an event and continues powerfully at the event itself. Registering for an event does not reserve a personal session. Faith is what bridges the gap between a person’s karmic debt and their opportunity to be healed.

Attending the Event

Please note that the event might not start at the scheduled time due to the spiritual preparation needed for participants at an event. We suggest arriving 30 minutes early to complete the registration process and maximize the healing benefits from being in the presence of the Master Angels. Allow plenty of time for the event to last into the evening. The room may be cool, so we suggest bringing sweaters, jackets, or wraps.

Energetic Spiritual Healing

The event is designed to impart a new level of perspective on and awareness of your energetic structures and their impact on your spiritual and physical health and well-being. Powerful healings on multiple levels of mind, body, and spirit are transmitted throughout the event, culminating in an extra-powerful group healing at the end.

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