Body Repair Disc




The Body Repair Disc is a 24-carat gold-plated Disc, programmed by the Master Angels to physiologically enhance relief in the body. The Disc is therefore faith-based and is known to detoxify, repair and alleviate localized discomfort and inflammation in the body and restore the pain receptors.

Suggested Use: Place the disc on the aggravated area of the body requiring healing. As the area is cleansed, the waste is moved out into the detoxification pathways of the body to be eliminated.

Suggestions for use include: Headaches, inflamed joints, tendons and muscles, arthritic areas, strains, pains and body aches caused by, but not limited to a build up of lactic acid, stress hormones, unknown brain chemicals, negative neurotransmitters, toxins, chemicals and organism waste in the body, as well as the pain receptors.

The Body Repair Disc comes with a protective plastic case.