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You now have direct access to John’s Masters and Angels to help you whenever it is required.
Download the Health Repair Requests (pdf) from the “Guide to Health Repair Teleseminar.”



Some conditions are simpler than others, and therefore will respond quicker. This CD facilitates an energetic process that will allow the body to heal itself. Within the parameters of the capabilities of the body’s repair mechanisms, and the Master Angels energy processes, it will be effective for many conditions. Detoxifications, infections, aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, sprains and bruises, etc. can be effectively helped. Some conditions will require regular use of Health Repair. The body takes time to heal, occasionally symptoms can worsen during healing. Some conditions will need additional therapies. Use regularly according to need. You become the healer with Health Repair. It is a tool to activate physical transformation healing with the Angelic companions of Master John. Using this powerful spiritual tool, you co create or manifest transformation and healing for your physical and etheric body whenever required, with help from the Healing Masters and Angels.

This CD is most effective and synergistic when you follow the Spirit Repair Protocol, as follows:

– Perform Location Repair Package
– Perform Spirit Repair Package
– Perform Health Repair Package

Additional information to fully understand how Health Repair will work for you. Begin by thinking of what you want to improve with regard to your health then sit or lie down, listen and follow John’s guidance. John suggests that your request be specific. These guidelines and recommendations are designed to assist you. With just about everything in life we learn as we go gaining skill and mastery with practice… relax, let go and just allow as you enjoy the process of taking action and responsibility for your health and well-being.

Example of descriptive words when dealing with a kidney health challenge: I request that all acid and toxins be moved instantly and completely from my kidneys and cells fluids and be eliminated from my body now. I request that all inflammation in my kidneys be cured instantly. [Detox may be experienced.]

Example with a cold or influenza: I request that the cold virus….. or flu virus…… or flu bacteria be killed and the toxins be moved completely and instantly from my body. I request the congestion be cleared from my body now and inflammation in my sinuses and chest be cured instantly. Remember your body will be detoxing for a day or two. [Viruses can be reintroduced by touching things again like the water faucet handle to get a drink, it may be necessary to work with the CD more than once a day for a couple of days.]

These words and/or phrases are simply suggestions to help you be more specific you may begin by saying: I request that all _____ and _____ [toxins and/or acids… or pain… or inflammation… or bruising…] be _____ [moved and/or cleared… or eliminated… or cured…] _____ [ instantly… or now… or with grace and ease… and/or completely…]. You may not always know exactly what the health challenge is. Just be as descriptive, clear and concise as you can be when directing the Master Angles to assist you.