Location Repair MP3 Download




John’s spiritual companions, the Master Healing Angels, will appear at every playing of this CD to carry out the comprehensive space clearing techniques, to properly remove all invading consciousness and energies of the negative astral realm and return them to Gods Center. This invaluable tool, never before available, is powerful protection for you and your loved ones anywhere you need to be. By removing all negative influences in your space, your consciousness is protected and harmonized in the positive light of God, thereby allowing your evolution to be unhindered.

By using this CD daily, you may take part in the blessed service of purifying and healing the Earth for all mankind. May the blessings generated return to you and your loved ones many times as peace, love, protection, joy, good health, happiness, abundance and prosperity!

Our daily lives are affected by negative forces and influences, working against the spiritual evolution of humanity.

On the astral level, in any particular space, we are exposed to negative influences like wayward spirits, energy parasites, demonic entities, negative thought forms and stray emotions, impressions of previous events and many others factors. All spiritual pollution and astral negativity needs to be permanently removed in order to harmonize the vibrations of any space. Previously only available during a personal consultation with Master John Douglas, the Location Repair Package is now available to the general public for personal use. Use of this CD will noticeably purify and harmonize any space, to benefit your home, office, business etc. It is recommended for use before all meditation or spiritual practice.