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Comprehensive space clearing techniques are a way to properly remove all invading consciousness and energies of the negative astral realm and return them to God’s Center. Removing negative influences in the nearby space helps protect one’s consciousness and harmonize in the positive light of God, thereby allowing personal evolution to be less hindered. The goal is to have blessings return many times over as peace, love, protection, joy, good health, happiness, abundance, and prosperity.

Our lives are affected by negative forces and influences, working against the spiritual evolution of humanity. On the astral level, in any particular space, we may be exposed to negative influences like wayward spirits, energy parasites, demonic entities, negative thought forms, stray emotions, impressions of previous events, and many others factors. Spiritual pollution and astral negativity need to be permanently removed in order to harmonize the vibrations of any space.

Suggestion for Use

Listen to Location Repair actively or play the process quietly in the background. This process is part of the loop.

What is “The Loop”?

“The Loop” consists of the MP3 processes Location Repair, Spirit Repair, and Psychological Repair played on repeat in the background with little or no volume. Keep the loop with you and repeating 24/7 so you are protected, rebuilt, and transformed as you go through your day. These three CD processes are specially designed to give you 100% of the benefit of their highly technical and advanced healing processes even while they play in the background. You may also add to your Loop these three additional processes: Karmic Repair, Soul Repair, and Relationship Development. Understand, however, that you will only receive about 20% of the beneficial effects of these healing tools as they play in the background. They are not designed like the first three, and so you will need to listen attentively and participate while they are playing with the volume up in order to receive 100% of their benefits.

How To Set Up Your Loop

You can set up The Loop to repeat on an iPhone, an ipod, or other MP3 playing device. Simply create a “playlist” on your device, and place the above mentioned three (or all six) CMA processes in the playlist. Then set the playlist on repeat. Ideally, your device will be small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, or even clipped onto your belt like a pager.

What should not be on The Loop?

Subconscious Repair and Health Repair are not processes you would want to include on The Loop as they are not designed to be played in the background. Also, advanced processes such as Geometric Patterning, Faith & Sensory, Soul Elevation, and Prismatic Awareness are to be listened to with humble attention while sitting quietly and without interruption.

Who Benefits from The Loop Playing?

As you go through your day, whether at the office, at school, or at the grocery store, with your loop playing in your pocket, powerful transformative processes will not only protect and refresh you, but will be a great benefit for all those in the room or building with you who are able to receive the transformative frequencies and healing blessings being transmitted. Enjoy this amazing gift from the Master Angels and Master John and share the processes silently with everyone around you.

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