Mold, Fungus & Dust Mite Repair Disc




Medical research has seen many people suffering with mold infections, unknown funguses, and infestations of dust mites in various parts of their bodies. The new Mold, Fungus, and Dust Mite Repair Disc is a faith-based gift from the Master Angels to directly address these unseen and potentially dangerous health hazards.

MOLD: In offices, restaurants, hotel rooms, your home, and in the food you eat, mold can be hiding to a greater or lesser extent. Depending on your body chemistry, mold can severely affect your health in unseen ways, silently creating havoc in your organs, joints, and entire bodily system. The Home Harmony Device will kill the mold spores in the air, but until now we had no targeted tool to directly kill the mold in your body.

FUNGUS: Medical research has recently found several kinds of funguses and undiscovered funguses affecting kidney function, funguses in the pancreas, and digestive funguses in the GI tract affecting absorption and metabolism. This new tool is programed by the Master Angels to directly target the many types of funguses that adversely affect our bodily systems.

DUST MITES: Advanced medical research is finding that there are dust mites and mutated dust mites everywhere – in carpets, bedding, clothing, and in people’s hair! He sees these invisible bugs causing irritated sinuses, breathing trouble, as well as asthma and allergies. You can spray your carpet with Lysol to kill them in your home, but when they get into the body, it is very difficult to get rid of them—until now.

Suggestion for Use:

Place the MOLD, FUNGUS & DUST MITE REPAIR DISC on your chest for five seconds or so, and The Master Angels will kill the dust mites, mold spores, and funguses living in your body. You can also place the Disc on other areas, such as ears or feet. You will feel the results and the relief in your body as these organisms die off and get eliminated.

The MOLD, FUNGUS & DUST MITE REPAIR DISC is made of a brilliant golden brass alloy and comes with a protective plastic case.