OmniBlue Ocean Minerals-2oz-bottle



2 Fluid ounces / Cobalt blue glass bottle

“Minerals are absolutely essential to life on this planet, and the importance of minerals and trace elements in the functions of living organisms is without question… they must exist in relative balance in the fluids, cells, organs, and tissues of the body to contribute to human health. Recent research indicates that minerals and trace elements play a significant role against a variety of degenerative diseases and processes. They may also prevent and reduce injury from environmental pollutants and enhance the ability to work and learn.” Minerals and Human Health.


CELL LIFE-ENERGY: contains natural-sourced, highest potency and absorb-able electrolytes essential for your body electricity, nutritional absorption, and nerve health, and inter-cellular nutrient passage.

CONTAINS THE FULL SPECTRUM of balanced 92+ minerals and trace elements necessary for your health and daily human nutrition in every dose.


BLUE OCEAN MINERALS® are certified contaminant free with every lot and batch number in our labs.

We follow TGA-Australia and GMP manufacturing practices in Australia and throughout our chain of possession in shipping, lab analysis, handling, and storage.
Safe and therapeutic at recommended doses.
Some can experience cleansing effects as you increase your dosage, best to gradually increase dosage from 1/4 teaspoon to up to 2 teaspoons daily for adults.
Take your time to reach your natural dosage.
Highly concentrated, must dilute with 4-5 ounces favorite juice/shake or water.
For mineral protection and fulfillment of your critical nutrition, make Blue Ocean Minerals® a daily healthy habit for your mineral needs.