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The Prismatic Awareness process gives unprecedented awareness of reality and truth. The process contains two fifteen-minute periods of silence and one twenty-minute period of silence.

Running time: 1 hour 6 minutes

Suggestion for Use

Listen to the Prismatic Awareness Process from the Advanced series once or twice a week.

What is prismatic awareness?
Literally, the dimensional doorway between all matter from an anchored consciousness, a transcending, anchored consciousness can only have attention on one point.
When one is transcending, even though one’s particles become connected to all, the awareness faculty is only aware of one point.
The extension, and the ascension of that knowledge is the representation of a divine being, in the way a divine being is aware of all things in one moment.
So we are aware of one thing in one moment.
But a deity is aware of all of the Creations, not just one Creation, all creations in all moments.
Prismatic awareness uses a faculty we have in us to see the depth and breadth of Creation through matter.
There are dimensional doorways through every particle that give you depth of understanding and cosmic intelligence, the geometry of which reveals all truth.
And prismatic awareness starts to allow you to recognize the structure of all things.
Your being and your moment in time included.
Your future included, and any moment in time and space.
To prismatically be aware of six thousand points at once allows you to receive knowledge from every particle.
To be aware of twenty thousand points at once allows you to receive knowledge from every particle and to have the depth to go through every particle.
You start to look through.
You start to see every aspect of the moment, every aspect of the gem, every surface of the cut, from every direction.
Will you understand God’s omnipotence?
Not from one point.
Not from the educated mind.
Not from referencing magic on Earth.
Not from referencing Earthly things.
From having every potential pathway open to receive awareness, and knowledge, and truth from every particle as you go up in oneness.
It’s a one hour long process.
There are three silent periods, two for fifteen minutes, and one for twenty.
It’s for serious spiritual work only.
You can’t do it while you’re driving.
You can’t do it while you’re Instagramming.
You need to devote the time to develop with this process.
Sit there, attend to it, like a meditation, and it will be something that you’ve never experienced before.
Very, very powerful, of course, but different.
Very, if I might say, growing.
Very developmental, very quickly.
To help you with prismatic awareness and to understand how Geometric Patterning fits into this, it is through prismatic awareness that you will see and understand the geometry of Nature better.
The prismatic awareness takes you in, and then the geometry of all things will be apparent.
Geometric Patterning will work very well with Prismatic Awareness.
Together, they are amazing.
To see and recognize the structure of the future period.
To see the geometry of what’s coming to you.
To see it prismatically is unbelievable.
And you will be really, really empowered by this.
The nature of all things has a geometry.
Everything that happens in time and space has a geometric design.
And from seeing these designs, you can glean cosmic truth.


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