Psychological Repair MP3 Download




Psychological Repair will activate a process of help and guidance for any challenge, test or trial you may be experiencing in your life.

By clearing mental and psychological limitations, and by positively “programming” your subconscious mind to help with your situation, you will manifest answers and actions in line with your Divine will for the best possible outcomes.

With faith, all things are possible.

The Masters will tune you to deal with any issue or challenge you are facing. If you need an answer, it will be given to you. Sit down and actively go though the CD with John guiding you through each step of the way and you will eventually be guided to it. You may choose to play Psychological Repair quietly in the background and it will give you the positive input you need to lift your inner thoughts and well-being. Playing it on a very low volume through out the night as you sleep. It will give you a more refreshing and rejuvenating sleep as well as giving your subconscious mind guidance and also aligning your will with Divine will. Our thoughts, which we can effect, are powerful and they create our life experiences. Use this CD to live the best and most successful life path possible. Trust in the Divine Process and be ready to succeed!