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The spirit repair package is a comprehensive synthesis of energetic, spiritual and physical healing techniques using spirit life force in various ways to effect change on all levels. John is accompanied by Master beings of healing or Bodhisattvas, and instigates healing processes above the ability of many human energy healers. Many results have been spectacular and instantaneous; some conditions require repeat treatments and ongoing investigation, until all factors causing the illness are removed.

The human body is made up of physical matter, and is also composed of energetic light fields that are the “shadow” of the physical body. Physicists have determined that all matter is ultimately light at the smallest known level. Therefore it would make sense that being able to manipulate this level of existence may be able to change the “reflection” on the physical level. When the light fields of the body are damaged, malfunctioning or dirty we are not in a healthy vital state, both physically and emotionally. Blockages in these fields allow deterioration that manifests as disease.

The processes contained are a condensed version of energetic and spiritual purification and repair previously only available as a part of a personal consultation. After many years, these powerful processes have become available to the general public for personal use. Make listening to Spirit Repair Package a part of your daily life to purify and strengthen your spirit to enable evolution, expanded consciousness and greater well-being. John’s spiritual companions, the Master Healing Angels, appear at every playing of this CD to perform the powerful purification and spirit repair.

  • The Spirit Repair Package CD begins with the spirit and entity release.
  • Then a drain and removal of all negative emotions and locked up stress.
  • Soul fragment retrieval.
  • Chakra cleanse, repair, correction and energize.
  • Balance of hormones.
  • Removal of spirit cords.
  • Aura, inner Aura, light body and hidden structure cleanse and repair.
  • Light activation.
  • Cell activation.
  • Remove blockages, meridian blast, restore balance.
  • Repair spirit cord and strengthen grounding cord.

This CD is effective, synergistic and an intricate part of the Spirit Repair Protocol John recommends. Some conditions will need additional therapies such as the Health Repair Package CD. It is a tool to activate individual, personalized physical transformation healing when needed as you co-create with the Angelic companions of Master John.