Deliverance for Everyone!

No more stress about the tour!

Everybody gets in!


In honor of John’s 47th birthday, April 8th, 2018, starting immediately, we are going to implement an entirely new program so that no one ever feels left out again because they are not able to register, sign up for, or attend one of John’s events.

If you have tickets already, congratulations! Those most definitely will be honored.

What we want to address now is all those who are feeling left out.

The reality is that we have people getting healed at events long before they have a private session. Coming to an event is enough. If you have healing issues, the Master Angels and God will be present at all events.

We are now opening up every event for anyone who has the desire to be healed or be in the presence of John and the Master Angels.

The focus now will be on group healings, and not on individual sessions with John, although those may occur, depending on how Nature allows the event to unfold.

New Workshop Registrations!

Due to overwhelming demand, we have opened seats for people who were unable to secure tickets before many events on the 2018 Winter Light Tour sold out. For those who have faith in and love for the Master Angels, we have set aside a small number of personal sessions to be randomly picked in a drawing at “B” Events in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., San Diego, and Los Angeles. Those registrants who do not draw personal sessions will be given a free Silent Faith Remote Healing instead. In this way, every registrant will have the opportunity to present their individual issue to the Master Angels, one way or another, as well as be present at the workshop and receive the powerful group healings and transformations that these events are known for.

Grand Master Event (“A” Event)

The upcoming Grand Master event is recommended for those wishing to have a “Taste of Elite” and who plan to apply for the Elite Development Courses in the future. “Grand Master” events include new knowledge and discoveries, as well as cutting-edge secrets for staying healthy and physically aligned for maximum spiritual development. They are intended for serious spiritual aspirants. All are welcome to attend these unique and highly advanced events. To register for the upcoming “A” Event in Boone, North Carolina on Saturday, June 2nd, please click below:

Open Forum Workshop (“C” Event)

Open Forum workshops include advanced knowledge and blessings, focused on deepening spiritual development. There are no personal sessions, but there are individual healings, as questions are taken from the audience and worked on individually, addressing concerns in an open forum-style manner. During the workshop, people from the audience are chosen for individual healing work. In the past, some very lucky people received major miracles during Open Forum workshops. Each participant will also receive a Silent Faith Remote Healing. To register for the “C” Open Forum workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 19th, please click below:

Attending a Personal Session

If you are registered for a personal session, please click below for information. For this tour, we ask that personal session participants purchase their own tickets. If this is your first workshop, please review the workshop details so that you can plan your visit.

Acknowledgement of Faith-Based Blessings

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